Gadjets/ Gadgetridden Age. For and against essay.

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June 5, 2013 by mvchaikovskaya

ImageIn the age of globalization and technical breakthrough it is difficult to imagine the life without any gadget that makes our life easier. Every year the mobile phones are becoming smarter than their owners, and the number of people who cannot live without them is growing rapidly. In the nearest future it definitely could be possible to automatically order new products when your refrigerator is about to be empty. However, is there only good side of the use of the gadgets or they can invisibly affect on our lives?

On the one hand, devices offer us a lot of opportunities, that our parents could only dream about. We use a mobile phone not only to call and text, we have remote controls almost for everything. There is no need to go out to buy food, travel or meet friends with the help of a computer. Distance between relatives or people you love is not a problem now, with the help of Skype people from different continents meet, share the news and try to substitute real communication. Nowadays you have a chance to see a person and hear his voice if only you have an Internet connection. The Internet helps us to order loads of things starting from books and ending with food from all over the world. In addition to stated above, modern technology is aimed to save our time and solve various problems, such as mathematical equation or simply the translation of foreign words. What is more, with the help of gadget you can find necessary information or take pictures of unique places you visit. So we can say that devices truly play a very important role in our life and being used wisely make it easier. 

On the other hand, some people overuse gadgets and forget how to live in real world. There are a lot of situations in which a teenager lives in the world of videogames and forgets how to communicate with his peers. Technologies give us a chance to create the imaginary world in which you could be whoever you want. People chat with the strangers they will never meet, watch TV-series to be involved in the life they do not have and hide from the society in these virtual universe. However, it could be harmful not only for your mental health. Scientists proved the severe effect of the radiation emitting produced by our mobile phones, which in some cases leads to many serious diseases such as cancer.

The second disadvantage is that people seem to become addicted to gadgets and absolutely miserable without them. This fact could be not that obvious for the people who use devices in any action they do, nevertheless, technologies have been made for making our lives easier but not to substitute our brain completely. Students use their devices to cheat and drivers prefer not to think about the directions or ask other people but just use the navigator system. It definitely saves time, however, it also aggravates our cognitive abilities. As the result, our gadgets are becoming smarter whereas we tend to become lazier.

No matter how many opportunities technologies can offer, they still cannot make us happier. We still need real people around to see their smiles, hear their laugh and hug them when there is a time of sadness. Beyond any doubt gadgets save our time and make daily-routine easier and sometimes even more interesting, nevertheless we cannot ignore the fact that excessive use of them could be harmful for us. That is why, only wise use of our smart little helpers should be the general rule for everyone.



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