The List of Introductions and Conclusions


February 25, 2013 by mvchaikovskaya

I part, introductions
1. – B
2. – A
3. – D
4. – C
5. – E

II part, conclusions

1.- D
2.- E
3.- C
4.- A
5.- B
6.- F

My workshit.

1. Ellie, Kealey “Afghanistan’s first female mayor proves critics wrong” The Guardian, 02 24, 2013.                                                         ,  (accessed February 25, 2013).


When Azra Jafari became mayor of Nili, she knew that the impoverished and remote Afghan town desperately needed roads and investment. She was aware she would be living in very basic conditions, on a meagre salary of $76 (£50) a month, and that taking care of a four-year-old daughter at the same time would be challenging.

What she was less prepared for was the appearance of a powerful mullah in her unheated, makeshift office, wagging his finger at her, warning that Nili was not about to accept a female mayor who thought she could “exploit her femininity in order to complete a few projects and influence our women”.

Technique – Surprising statement.


As Afghanistan’s first and only female mayor, Jafari is determined to make her mark not just on infrastructure but on attitudes towards women. She feels strongly that since being in Nili, she has influenced the way younger women think, and for the better. She says one day she may angle for the top job in government, but she would like to become a member of parliament before aiming for the presidential palace. “I’m like a template for women,” she said.

The morning after the interview, Jafari set off, with Indira in tow, on their long and dangerous journey to Nili.

2.  David, Smith, “Oscar Pistorius’s brother also faces homicide trial” The Guardian, 24 February 2013. (accessed February 25, 2013).


The family of Oscar Pistorius, accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, was rocked again on Sunday when it was revealed that the athlete’s brother has been charged with culpable homicide.

In the latest twist to the South African soap opera that has gripped millions, Carl Pistorius, a near-constant presence at his younger sibling’s bail hearing, appeared before a judge himself last week.

The charge relates to the road death of a female motorcyclist in 2008. Carl denies causing the accident or being under the influence of alcohol.

Technique – Surprising Statement


Some believe this is premature. Hagen Engler, a former FHM editor who had known Steenkamp since she was a teenager, said: “It would involve really owning this killing. I don’t think he’s quite done that. He seems to think he’s not really to blame.

“It clearly is his fault and he needs to own it and feel the guilt and do something to make up for it. He needs to go back to a position of humility and seek forgiveness.”

3. Stuart, Jeffries, “Richard Gere: ‘Acting is like high finance – it often involves fraud'” The Guardian, Sunday 24 February 2013 (accessed February 25, 2013).

You were gorgeous then, I tell Richard Gere. He looks crossly over his glasses. “Were?” he says. Were – and are. “Thank you,” he says, mollified. Two minutes into the interview and we’re already unexpectedly into homoerotic territory. He looks back at a 40-year-old photograph of himself on my phone.

In the photo, it’s June 1973 and Richard Gere is Danny Zuko, hair-slicked hottie bad boy of Grease, the role he played for six months at the New London Theatre, Drury Lane. It’s decades before Gere started working that distinguished grey mane that serves him so well nowadays.

Technique – Famous person.

4. Press Association, “Internazionale face fine over reported racial abuse of Mario Balotelli” The Guardian, 25 February 2013.               , (accessed February 25, 2013).

Serie A will meet on Tuesday to consider sanctions againstInternazionale after their fans reportedly directed racial abuse at Mario Balotelli during the Milan derby. The former Inter striker was facing his former club for the first time since signing in January. The match finished in a 1-1 draw.

Balotelli was always likely to be the target of abuse for the Inter fans but reports suggest a section of supporters may have targeted him for his colour.

A Serie A official said that the disciplinary council would rule on incidents at San Siro among others from the weekend’s fixtures at a meeting in Milan on Tuesday afternoon.

Technique – Surprising statement.


3 thoughts on “The List of Introductions and Conclusions

  1. nataneva says:

    You have identified the intro techniques correctly but have 2 mistakes with conclusions

  2. nataneva says:

    Thanks for collecting the examples of intros and conclusions from The Guardian. Will have to wait to see if your peers can identify them correctly.

  3. evgenyone says:

    Hello, Margarita!
    As to your conclusions, I will try to identify them.
    I belive that the first one refers to a ”Quotation and dialogue” technique, the second – ”Recommendation of a Course of Action”.

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